Pushpagiri Buddhist Tourism

Pushpagiri Buddhist tourism in Odisha has given a new edge to the 2500 year old religion. It is one of the oldest religions that have been known to the mankind. The recently discovered sites of Buddhism have brought remarkable attention of native and foreign tourists.

The important in and around attractions of Pushpagiri are Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, Udayagiri, Langudi and Kuruma. The remains of stupas, monasteries and scores of images of Buddha are a true example of the brilliance of ancient architecture.

Pushpagiri University or Pushpagiri Mahavihara (2nd century BC to 10th century AD), a noticeable Buddhist place of higher learning in ancient India, flourished until the 11th century in the country. The Pushpagiri University is spread across three campuses over the three adjacent hills – Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, and Udayagiri. The structures discovered here are older and larger than the contemporary Buddhist learning centre like Nalanda and Vikramashila.

The Pushpagiri Buddhist pilgrimage in Odisha will give you a profound experience while exploring these beautiful heritage sites. At the same time you get the lifetime opportunity to mark your presence and pay homage to Lord Buddha. The days spent in and the experiences gained while exploring the glorious remains of Buddhism will marks an everlasting impression on your heart and soul.

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